Finding that Bright Side

So my friends here have read my recent moping. But I’ve found a few things to truly enjoy this evening….

1. I baked a batch of cookies. And now my apartment smells thickly of chocolate chip. I’ve got a brand-new half gallon of organic milk in there and once I’m finished enjoying the aroma I’m going to go to work on them.

2. I dug out an old pair of mucklucks. I don’t even know where they were hidden when we lived in DC. Now I’m wearing huge, floppy yarn boots. Hard not to be glad about that.

3. Someone must have found my on random and addeded me to his friends list (Hi Snowboom!) That was a fun surprise, and I was goofily flattered. I’ve looked at journals randomly a million times, but I rarely save any of them. So it was nice to be bookmarked by someone.


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