Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the last hour of calm before I swing into prep mode. We’ve been invited to a potluck dinner, but we’re not expected until 4. So we slept late and now I’m making a pot of spaghetti so that we can get warmed up for eating.

I’ve got my groceries on hand. I’ll be making lemony mustardy Brussels sprouts and red skinned mashed potatoes. Both of these I do really really well.

I dreamed last night that I was back in my childhood home and we were having a big party. I was an adult, but all my relatives were back at the age they were when I was a child. It was lovely — my grandparents were there, older cousins who have also passed away were there. I even invented a new baby for my cousin Joan, who was there with her kids. In reality, Joan is now well past child-bearing age and her kids are grown up. I even gave the baby a name. She handed her to me and told me her name was Anne Carter Caruso. That was when the phone rang and woke me up.

So right now I’m grateful for a dream that put me back in the same city with my whole family, and all of them alive and well.


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