It’s a Wonder I Ever Get Anything Posted

I was just so far into a long long entry that I noted that I may have lost all readers. And Zoe just stepped on my mouse and hit the back button. All gone.

3 responses to this post.

  1. A Client! You NEED A CLIENT!
    For windows…
    It’s 674k! It’s tiny! It takes 60 seconds! Get one! Please, for the love of DOG, get one!


  2. Sigh. So okay, I got a client. And I wrote an entry and tried to post it. And it kept telling me there was a problem with the date/time. So I managed to get it into a queue, but have no clue how to get the entry out. I hate software, I really do. Any suggestions?


  3. Create a Notepad/MS Word/WordPerfect/SimpleText/whatever document called “LJ” or something like that.
    Type. Save. Type. Save. Copy. Paste. Post.
    And rewrite over previous entries written on “LJ.” Also, don’t rewrite over blurbs/links you might need in the future.
    Cats will always step on mice. It’s what they do.


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