Media Weekend

My work has been much neglected this weekend. I feel pretty good about that, as I think it’s important to hold the fort on your personal life. So instead I’ve been indulging in many forms of media entertainment. DVD include: Brassed Off (great!), In the Bedroom (wonderful, but sad) and Eyes Wide Shut (I’m watching that as I type, so will reserved judgment.). I went with James and Charles this afternoon to see The Wedding Crashers. While I acknowledge its flaws, I had a ball. My zing for Owen Wilson continues unabated. If the fact that it’s almost becoming trite to be attracted to him doesn’t kill it, then nothing will but time.

In the live entertainment category, we went to see The Skin Game last night at The Mint Theatre. It’s a great production company that focuses on reserecting and preserving old plays that might fall out of circulation otherwise. I don’t think they do anything post 1950. This one was from about 1920, I think. Our friend Nick was in it, and it was great fun. A few of the actors were hitting some off notes. One, we learned from Nick after the show, lost his mother the day before. He’d been writing her obituary between scenes. So… what can you do but feel awful for having criticized him in the lobby.

After the show we had drinks with Nick, who I have a little crush on. It’s harmless, but I found lots of reasons to touch his arm last night, which he was clearly enjoying. Fortunately I have just the right husband for me, as he found it cute that Nick and I were mildly flirty. I made sure to send lots of eye batting Damon’s way as well.

In the real world, I look forward to making Nick, his wife Aegina and their baby Rachel our friends.

So add to all this media some errands run, a brunch with friends and a walk in Central Park and you’ve got a well-used weekend.


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