Pet Peeve

Here’s something I want people to stop doing right now.

If I’m watching a movie with you, please don’t watch me watch the movie. A surprising number of people I go to movies with seem to do that.

I understand that it’s coming from a really sweet place, where you want to know if I’m having fun, and want to enjoy watching me have fun. But I don’t like it. Stop it.

I will grant exceptions if it’s your favorite movie or if something just happened that touches on something I have in common with you.

But if the above conditions aren’t met, I’m going to stare straight ahead and try not to give you any feedback that would encourage monitoring me.

I’m sure this is my semi-autistic only child core speaking. And I’m a jerk for not appreciating that my loved ones are so interested in me.

But I still want you to stop.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Can I still poke you?


  2. I’m totally up for poking.


  3. But your still okay with us lurking outside the bedroom window watching you from the bushes while you sleep, right?


  4. Are you enjoying reading this comment?


  5. I’ve been known to nap in front of a live webcam to entertain my friends, so I don’t know why I’d be above that.


  6. I… I… stop that!


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