Another Oddity

Many months back I mentioned a quirk of Damon’s where he watches me watch a movie.

I get that. Here’s another one for you…

If Damon wants to hand me something, or if I ask him to grab something for me, he will almost always retrieve it and then hold it out to me, within an inch or two of my body, regardless of what I’m doing at the moment. For example, he will grab my lunch out of the kitchen in the morning and walk into the bathroom where I am brushing my teeth and try to hand it to me. And I will gesture at my canvas bag and he’ll say, “Oh, okay!” and pop it in there. Another example would be that I’m standing at the kitchen counter making dinner. Perhaps I’m cutting up an onion. And I might say, “Hey, will you grab the new bottle of olive oil down from the high shelf?” And he’ll get it down and then, even though I’m actively cutting up a vegetable, he’ll try to put it in my hands.

I hope you don’t read the above as a critcism, either of Damon’s attitude or intelligence. Both of his are at excellent levels. It’s just this weird little thing.


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