I’ve got to get this down while it’s fresh in my head.

I just got off the subway, where I sat next to a little girl and her dad. I don’t know how old the kid was, but she still had that high little kiddie voice.

I tuned in when I heard:

Girl: What do you like better, shirts or food?
Dad: Well, if I had just eaten a lot I would probably want a shirt, but if I were hungry then I would like food. I guess you could eat a shirt and wear food.
G: I wear food.
D: You and your chair and the floor all wear food when you eat.
G: Do you like George Clooney?
D: Um, yeah. He won an Oscar this year, didn’t he?
G: I don’t know.
D: He’s a good actor.
G: Do you like George Bush?
D: He’s a bad actor. His approval rating is going down, down down.
G: Is he a better actor than me?
D: Than I.
G: Is he a better actor than I?
D: Are you still doing acting in school?
G: Yes
D: Are you a drama queen?
G: I’m not *that* kind of actor. I’m a fun and games kind of actor.

Unfortunately, this is where we got to my stop.


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