We’re moving to a new office building soon (the greenest highrise in Manhattan, by the by) so some folks are cleaning up and out their space.

Babs, our food editor, grudgingly decided to give up some of her cook books, so she sent us all an email saying: Cook books for sale. $1 apiece. All money goes to an animal shelter my sister runs out west.

Being a responsible and moderate person, I went up there with $3 in my pocket.

She had, literally, about 1,000 books up for grabs. 28 cook books later I was done (for the day). I told her I’d probably come back tomorrow. I was in hog heaven. I got one fat book just on cooking onions.

Now, a few of those are for friends and family. Sushi for Mick, habanero pepper recipes for Kellee, casseroles for Janel… But that still leaves about 19 for me. Damon’s going to build me a shelf (or three) in the kitchen.

Won’t you all come over for dinner?


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