It’s been a trying time lately for a few peoiple close to us. It feels a little bit weird to me to write about these things, because I’m usually very forthcoming in my journal. But I’ll protect other people’s privacy better than I’ll protect my own.

In the past eight days we’ve seen someone through an abortion and someone else through an alcoholic relapse. Ultimately, all parties are going to be okay. (At least I hope so — it can be a little harder to say with a drinker).

But it’s a good reminder of how tissue-thin a happy life can be. And even if I’m happy and healthy, if someone close to me is not then I really can’t be either.

I hate anything that reminds me that there are some things I can’t fix through force of will. If there is any one element common to any and all successes I’ve ever had, it’s that I’m perfectly prepared to win by sheer force, and my life has taught me that that will almost always do the trick. But I can’t follow a person around all day every day knocking drinks out of his or her hand, even though I toy with the idea of how it might be done.

But, again, I believe both these stories are ultimately going to come out right.

And next weekend I get to go to New Orleans for a wedding. And that will be just pure joy. I can’t wait.


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