Easter is around the corner, which reminds me of how far away I’ve moved from being a church-goer. When I was in high school we were members of the

Hey, thoughtful post on faith interrupted by my baby turning over for the first time!

Until I had a baby I would not think you could parse concepts like “rolling over.” But allow me. This is the first time he has rolled over without assistance of a physical, mechanical or emotional sort. He’s 5.5 months old, which puts him on the later end of this feat. That can be attributed to two things. The first is that he’s ginormous. Someone likened it to flipping over an air craft carrier. The second is his Serenity Now philosophy. As our pediatrician said, he’s had all the necessary motor skills for a while now but none of the motivation.

As a matter of fact, at his 4-month checkup she said to me, “Don’t feel badly that he’s not trying to sit up yet.” To which I said, “Um, wow. Was I supposed to be worrying about that? Because he’s totally just a bag of custard that can’t even reliably hold its head up and I wasn’t really sweating that.” Or rather I said, “Okay” but I thought the former. All was clear when, at the end of the exam, she laughed and said, “Oh wow. I just did a six-month checkup on him. He’s just so big.”

So, we’ve been playing what we cleverly call The Rollover Game. And doing lots of cheering and a small bit of cheating. So we’ve seen some rolling over already. But tonight… it was all baby, baby.

Here’s the bad mom part of the story: I missed it. I didn’t even know he did it until I heard him saying, “Mrph. Mrph. Ack! Argh!” and I looked over to see him laying on his face with his arms pinned underneath his big belly. In my defense I’m a little under the weather tonight. I stuck him on a quilt on the floor and then crashed on the couch to watch House Hunters. I made it up to him with a big, overblown celebration of his mad skills, followed by an energetic nursing session. Now I’m back on the couch and he’s riding in his swing, which I think should keep him from hitting anymore milestones while I explore the budding love of Monica and Chandler.


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