Quick Update

I’m writing the rare from-work update because I want to promptly thank everyone who gave me good advice and encouragement last night.

It went fine. Alden’s easy going nature asserted itself and he mostly cruised through until morning. He half woke a few times, but Damon easily shushed him back down. There were a few tears and some emphatic pointing at the door (which is what he does when he wants Damon to quit messing around and go get me) at 5am, but nothing massive. He drank a few ounces of soy milk and was back out by 5:30. I came in at 7:30 to find Alden cheerfully pulling on Damon’s nose while they cuddled in bed.

And I slept for almost seven hours. I fully expected that with an infusion like that I would wake up a) totally healed b) shed of the vestiges of this cold and c) brimming over with energy. It didn’t quite work like that, but there was progress on each point.

We’ll do it again tonight and if it does as well I fear Damon will decide it’s me, not Alden, who needs her own room.


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