The Easter Alligator

My Mom gave Alden and Elliot early Easter gifts this weekend. There were two baskets overflowing with candy and toys. And each got… an alligator cot? I guess is what you would call it.

Alden’s is exactly the same, except for the name and the fact that the photo of his is blurry.

So… an alligator… wearing a pajama top… eating a smaller alligator… while restrained by a giant heart… on a camp cot.

It’s charming

Also charming: Damon took the boys to the park last week. As they wandered down the jogging path Alden suddenly struck a pose and said, “Daddy, is this cool?”

Super cool!



It’s exhausting.


3 responses to this post.

  1. What is hurkey?


  2. It is a cheerleading jump:

    I see it has multiple spellings, and I have chosen poorly.


  3. It’s not like I would have known what it was, regardless of the spelling.

    Are you going to get him one of those little male cheerleading suits?


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