Letter to Santa: 2012

I took dictation for Alden on this note last night:

Dear Santa,

I was nice at the old lady’s who had nine grandchildren.*

I want an all-green soccer ball, please.

We should get Olive and Gus a toy.

I want Gatorade.

Elliot wants dirty socks. Just kidding. But please bring him something.

And I want a shovel to dig in the mines. Mommy will come with me.

I want a cat bed for Olive and Gus that’s super big.

Enjoy the cookies and enjoy the milk. Enjoy the chocolate chip cookies. I know those are your favorite. I want you to have your own pen so you can write down notes on who is bad and good.

And I want lots of Christmas decorations.

Santa, I want lots of toys, but not all of them in the whole wide world.

Thank you, Santa. Love,



Santa Delivers

I offered Elliot the chance to write a note, but he is not down with Santa.

*His step-great-grandmother. They bonded over a conversation in which she thought they were talking about Elliot and he thought they were talking about a dragon.


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