I am never, never going to go down the navel-gazing road of “Why am I blogging?” on this blog. (Probably. Maybe.) Recently, though, I discovered that what this is doing for me in the present (letting me write, making a record for the boys) isn’t all. I’ve discovered the charming Timehop app, which sends along an update daily to show you what you posted on social media one, two, three years ago (or however long you’ve been sharing) that day.


I love it completely, and I’m so grateful to my past self for the blog posts I wrote. In the past few weeks I’ve gotten to re-live birthday parties, sweet little moments I would have forgotten and, most powerfully, the days where we got one “all clear” after another in regards to Alden’s mystery illness. I felt the relief and joy all over again.

And now, in a year, I will get a reminder of this post (provided I remember to link to it on Facebook). So, a note to my future self:

Hi! You’re writing this blog post while on a business trip. You’ve probably taken quite a few more since then. I hope you’re still remembering that you can miss the boys and still appreciate that you can see the ocean from your hotel room. Also, remember how you agonized over where they were going to go to school? I’ll bet you’re nodding now and smiling, because it all worked out just fine. Also, please tell me you finally got around to watching Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Even just one of them.





2 responses to this post.

  1. Also The Wire. You need to get around to watching The Wire.

    (I love Timehop too.)


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