I dreamed last night that I was an older man. Not what I think of as officially old, maybe in my mid 60s. And I married a widow. She told me that she missed her dead husband and wanted to have him stuffed. She used to sit in his lap and tell him her problems and she wanted to keep doing that. So she wanted to stuff him sitting in a chair so she could keep it up. But I told her that if she wanted to be married to me he would have to remain a lovely memory and not be a piece of our furniture.

I’ve never dreamt I was a man before, I think, much less an old guy.

Damon and I went to the 4th of July party where we met up last year. Even though we had known each other casually for a long time, this was really the beginning. I even took a picture of the nail I cut my leg on a year ago because that’s what started our conversation.

I’m not overwhelming sentimental, so I try to indulge it when it hits.


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  1. I once dreamed I was Paula Abdul.


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