Middle of the Middle of the Week

Wednesday afternoon, when the work week stretches out far behind and far ahead…

Acutally, that sounds a lot more dour than I feel. I’ve gotten caught up again at work and can now forge forward. At least I’m caught up at this moment. The way things whip around here, I could find myself neck-deep by the end of today. This morning while I was brushing my teeth I had the unsettling thought that I wouldn’t be shocked if they laid me off. Not that I think they’re unhappy with me, or anyone has hinted at that. There’s just such an attitude of: We need this!!! NO, WAIT, we don’t!!! And I’m still the new guy. Not to mention that the areas I normally program are sort of… going away. Still, I think I’ll stay flexible and just flow in where I’m most useful. Or I’ll get laid off and live in a cardboard box.

I went to a home-buying seminar today. I’m cautiously optimistic about what I heard. Real estate around DC is crazy expensive, but I could put some cash down so maybe I could get out of the renter pool. I talked to Damon about it briefly and he responded in a really positive way. That made me feel as positive as the seminar itself did.

I just want a little more space. I want a guest room so people can come stay with us. I want something that belongs to us. I like our apartment, but it really is like setting a big pile of money on fire. And that’s harder to take when rents are so much higher here than they were in Atlanta.

I need advice from home owners.


One response to this post.

  1. I have very little of value to tell you. I bought in Atlanta at a time and place that wasn’t as insane as, from all I know, DC has always been.
    But owning your own home is definitely the best way to go, when possible. I’d hate to go back to apartment dwelling.
    Maybe condos outside the Beltway aren’t as ridiculous as houses are, and if you’re close to a Metro station it’s almost as good as being in the city, right?


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