You Know…

I have this friend. And every time I call him and his roommate answers the phone, the roommate acts like it tries his very last nerve to have to speak to me. I think I’ll start calling the cell. Except that I hate when people call cells without a good reason. That’s what our home phones are for. I don’t know, I guess I’m moving away from that attitude.

Anyway, I know it’s the height of narcissism to think the roommate’s attitude has anything in the world to do with me. But there it is. I mean, I know this guy. I’ve stayed with them. I told them how to get rid of the fruit flies in their kitchen — and it totally worked. I don’t like him.

I guess I’m a little huffy this evening. I had a trying day at work. And even though I left feeling a little better about it, I think I’d used up all my patience and good humor.

But I had a very nice dinner — leftovers of the swordfish and black bean sauce I made on Monday. Zoe lucked into a nice piece of fish so she’s feeling good.

And now I’ve got some good-smelling candles burning, which is such an easy way to raise my spirits that it makes me feel a little cheap. But in a good way.

And I’ve resolved to be a better daughter to my mother. So now this journal can hold me accountable.


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  1. It’s Armit, isn’t it? If not, it should be. He’s a little wienie.


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