Once again, I find myself on the brink of going out of town. This time it’s a 6am flight on Thanksgiving day that will take us to Cincinnati for a few days. I’m excited to see family and friends. But I really feel that I could use a few consecutive weeks at home. I know that’s collosally ungrateful since I just got back from Hawaii, not the salt mines. But it would be nice to let my tan lines fade before I see the inside of an airplane again. I think once we’re back I’m nailing my feet to the floor. I’m sure we’ll have the usual revolving door of visitors, but that’s somewhere between not bad and actually lots of fun. Most of our house guests do fine if they have to fend for themselves for a while in order to let us work/clean/rest.

This really is a great time of year if you play it right. There are several vacation days, and a general inclination to goof off. There’s not so much rest for the weary here at AOL, but there is more than usual. We had a meeting today with Star Jones (we’re going to shoot some video of her in early December) and I was hypnotized by her extra-long false eyelashes. But I was also impressed that when her husband walked into the room she had everyone’s names (there were three of us) and exactly what we do right at her fingertips for the introductions.

My potential new gig called for yet another chat. I called her back, but haven’t heard. So I have no idea what they could be hoping to hear that they haven’t already heard. The EIC did say that she likes to be very careful and detailed in her hiring so she knows the fit is just right. I also think there are some budget issues they’re dealing with. It’s weirdly comforting, because that’s something I can’t affect. They can either pay or they can’t. No hard decision making there.


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  1. Now hold on a sec! Felicity Huffman is so far above those others. She’s a Steppenwolff alum. I fell in love with her during the brief run of Sportsnight, and she’s married to William H. Macy. You need an A-minus category.
    Denise Austin though can dwell in the C-plus strata.
    Please say “Hi” to Aileen and Andru if you visit them while you’re in Cincinatti. They are sorely missed here.


  2. You are right, Felicity is the best we’ve had yet. I loved ‘Sports Night’ too, and plus I want to make out with her husband.


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