The job offer was extended (and accepted!)! In just a few weeks I’ll be the new managing editor (actual title tbd) of Redbook online.

There was a lot of happy dancing going on in the apartment today.

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  1. Oh. My. God.
    That’s fantastic! Can you stand it? I can’t stand it! I can’t believe I (sort of) know someone who’s managing editor of something everybody in the world recognizes.


  2. Woo hoo! Many congrats!


  3. Rock on! Twinkle, twinkle, you gliterati, you.


  4. Congrats!
    When my friend Perry was interning at the Cincinnati Enquirer and staying with us, my brother gave him a word every day to try and sneak into a headline (as he was in charge of headlines).
    So, be prepared for me to send you words to edit into something managerally.


  5. You make us all so proud!
    Congrats, Ms. Managing Editor!


  6. wow. thats fantastic! Look at you go!


  7. Thank you all for the excitement! Not a one of you is in NY and available for celebration, but if you ever are you must let me know so we can go out for drinks…


  8. You actually would have probably had a much better shot at this when I was at AOL. I doubt I’ll be writing much of the content myself (but who knows). But if I do, you’re on!
    You can always send me a word a day to work into my conversations, but can see how that would lack payoff for you.


  9. Okay, I missed this post until now. I plead “Austin.”
    But congratulations! I knew they’d want you. We all do.


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