1. Go into your livejournal archive
2. Find your 23rd post. (or for new lj’ers make it your 5th post – this shall be the new law and all shall obey it.)
3. Find your 5th sentence (or closest to it.)
4. Post the text of your sentence in this post along with these instructions.
5. Tag 5 people on your friend’s list.

My sentence is: Maybe telling the story of my birthday will make me feel better…

I’m supposed to tag 5 people on my friends list, but I’m not sure how to do tags. I’m sure the explanation can be found on LJ, but I’m on a dial up so I’m unwilling to go looking for it right now. If you’re reading this journal, then consider yourself tagged. But only if you want to be.


2 responses to this post.

  1. “We all did, and it was nice going out with the Oleskis.” There. I’m not tagging anyone, but that was the 5th sentence from my 23rd entry. It was in reference to us all eating too much when we went to Fago de Chao – one of those all-you-can-eat meat places. Even now, I’m drooling….


  2. I love Fogo de Chao! That may sound wrong, but here’s the thing…. they only charge vegetarians $20. And if those fools think I can’t or won’t eat more than $20 worth of hearts of palm, they just haven’t met me yet.


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