Little Boy Birthdays

Alden and Elliot showed poor form by being born with 17 days between them on the calendar, just two years apart. I enjoyed that short stretch where I got to say “I have two under two. And they’re both boys.” and people would recoil as if it was catching. The truth is that they wear my behind out, but I don’t know any different. I mean, would I have polished nails and a tidy desk if they were girls? If they were three or four years apart? I have no idea.

Their proximity in age and birthday, though, means they share parties. We throw one family party and one kid party. I’m following my tradition pattern of lots of grand planning, total inaction, then frantic compensation on the day before. I like the grand planning part the best. I even made a Pinterest board to collect clever ideas.

Here’s my favorite:

The fake Harry Potter font makes me cringe, but it’s a cheap and easy magic trick.   Adults should feel free to use vodka. And go first. Because I know those kids are going to fight over the colors until I am threatening to end the party right then and send the pony home. (There’s not really going to be a pony.)

When I asked Alden what kind of cake we need he said:

— A Star Wars cake (He has no idea what that is.)

— A Darth Vader cake (He has no idea who that is.)

— An outer space cake.

— And for Elliot, a banana cake that looks like a banana and tastes like a banana and has bananas on top.

As you contemplate those requests, know that the first cake I made for him looked like this:

monkey cake

Shut up.

Damon’s mom made a cake for our niece that looked like this:

wubzy cake

Guess who is getting assigned the banana cake.

The situation as it stands is that I have tons of good intentions, very little skill and even less time. I am open to suggestions and prayers.


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  1. Posted by Lisa Gerhardt on September 17, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Andrew’s the same way with Star Wars… except he calls it Star Horse which usually ends up sounding something like Star Whores…. how about a bug party? Lots of colored cupcakes placed together make a catepillar and then make “dirt” with pudding and gummy worms and oreo crumbs (I can send you the recipe…. it’s super easy)


  2. Star Whores is a totally different kind of birthday party theme.

    Recipe please!


  3. My birthday is January 22. I’d like a Star Whores Monkey Cake. Or costume. Either way.


  4. Posted by Kristin Alm on September 17, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Oh, lord, it’s the monkey cake! Love it. And love shared bday parties even more. Eight days (and three years) between my girls and we just had a Rapunzel party. No polished nails or tidy desks over here either. Happy birthdays!


  5. Faced with the banana request, I would probably wing it with a white cake (or yellow, now that I think of it) and into the batter I would swirl banana puree with banana slices in it so there was kind of a river of banana. I would *not* flavor the cake itself. Then you could frost it with a cream cheese frosting which you *could* flavor with more banana puree and possibly some brown sugar (which would also be good in the banana river). You could decorate the platter with mini bananas, and you could use banana Runts as decorations too. If chocolate would be a welcome addition, add mini chips to either the cake batter (brown spots would heighten the banana effect in yellow cake, now that I think of it) or the banana river (as I brainstorm, I think I would go for batter)’ and use big choc chips or even choc discs with the banana Runts and/or dried banana chips as decorating tools up top. Don’t underestimate the appeal of yellow sparkle sugar, yellow sprinkles, and/or chocolate jimmies. I don’t have a recipe to give you since I just pulled that all out of my ear while Thomas nurses pre-morning nap, but I would be glad to brainstorm further sometime when I can type with more than my left thumb and right index finger. 🙂


  6. Posted by janel on September 17, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Like the color changing drinks, looks like fun!


  7. Oh, dear. I don’t think the REALLY LONG COMMENT I thought I left, typed solely with left thumb and right index finger on my iPad while nursing Thomas, got left. LMK if you got a rambling soliloquy about banana puree and Runts. Or if you didn’t.


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