Peer Pressure from RyanJ

50 Things About Me:
1. I am double jointed in all of my fingers after a tragic tv tag incident when I was a kid.
2. I’ve been dying my hair so long that I’m not really sure what color it is. I do know my eyebrows were always darker than my hair. It used to be dark blonde.
3. I’ve had a name picked out for my theoretical daughter for about ten years.
4. If I’m standing up when I close my eyes, I get dizzy.
5. My roommate and one of my best friends died within three months of each other when I was in college.
6. I won the 7th grade science award, and it was a total shock to me.
7. I am friends with almost all of my ex-boyfriends.
8. I can act like I’m not ticklish, even though I am.
9. When I was little I cried when we sold our dining room table because I felt we were being disloyal.
10. My hair grows really really fast.
11. I can’t tolerate even 1% wool against my skin.
12. I have exercise-induced asthma.
13. I love to ride on trains.
14. I stopped eating meat when I was 18.
15. I have the tiniest nostrils of anyone I know.
16. I’m an only child
17. I can sleep anywhere.
18. I hate cars and driving.
19. I’ve been telling people my cat is 13 for a few years now. I realized today that she’s 15.
20. I can speak pig latin as fast as I can speak English.
21. I make many amazing pasta dishes.
22. My grandparents were named Casimiro and Carmela Cianciolo and they changed their names to Charles and Millie St. Charles.
23. I look pretty good in hats.
24. I’m very sensitive to loud noises and cold.
25. My favorite book is “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helperin
26. When I was a kid I believed I would meet Aslan.
27. I still sort of believe I’ll meet Aslan.
28. I can give a cat a shot.
29. I want to believe more than I do believe.
30. I think candid photos are better than posed ones.
31. I’m nosy.
32. I don’t take drugs, although I have done pot and might do it again some day.
33. My left knee hurts sometimes.
34. I have crushes on Tony Blair, Owen Wilson and Steve Irwin.
35. I can’t bake.
36. I can watch people get killed in movies, but not animals.
37. I can’t tolerate liars.
38. I’m terrified of roaches.
39. I always want another candle.
40. We moved almost every year when I was a kid.
41. I have two god-daughters.
42. I’m divorced.
43. I will like you better if you think I’m funny, even though I don’t.
44. I fear death and don’t like to talk about it.
45. If I had one superpower, I would want mind control.
46. My left eye is bigger than my right eye.
47. When I was a kid I was so distant and constantly daydreaming that they tested my hearing, only to discover that it was fine. I just wasn’t listening to anything anyone said.
48. I think it’s ridiculous that gay people can’t be married. I can’t believe we’re even arguing about it.
49. I hate it when people assume they know my political position.
50. I think it’s sexy when my boyfriend makes out with other guys on stage.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m terribly pleased.
    #2 – find out! find out!
    #3 – is it Thisbe?
    #22 – is that Italian?
    #24 – You’re moving to… New York?
    #27 – If he’s tied down to the ground with ropes, cut him free. He likes that.
    #43 – I think you’re funny.
    #49 – third from the right?


  2. #47 is my favorite!


  3. #2 – find out! find out!
    I feel it might be anti-climactic. But I do remember once when my hair was short, that I was in a show at Dad’s that shall not be named. I wore a jet black bobbed wig. A friend who shall not be named thought it was my real hair. This leads me to believe I am meant to be a hair chameleon.
    #3 – is it Thisbe?
    #22 – is that Italian?
    My family is from Termini Imeresi in Sicily. I haven’t been there, but it would mean the world to me to go meet the cousins who still live there.
    #24 – You’re moving to… New York?
    I know, I know. I was freezing in DC all winter until one of my friends pointed out that what I call a coat is actually a jacket. Six years in Georgia, you know.
    #27 – If he’s tied down to the ground with ropes, cut him free. He likes that.
    I’m ready.
    #43 – I think you’re funny.
    See, I like you.
    #49 – third from the right?


  4. My family is from Termini Imeresi in Sicily.
    I guess I should never go against you when death is on the line?


  5. I wouldn’t want to make the claim… we saw how well it went for the last guy.


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