Standing Up Straight

Yesterday on the train I was reading an article about posture. To test your stance, you’re supposed to stand with your back to a wall, heels and head touching the wall. Place on hand on the small of your back, place the other hand on the back of your neck. Now move your hands backward until they touch the wall. If your hand travels more than an inch, your posture needs work.

My neck came out fine, but it felt like there was about a mile of space between my lower back and the wall. This is no surprise to me because I’ve always been swaybacked. So I looked at the article to see which exercises to do to improve that. That was the clincher, because there was one I couldn’t even do the minimum beginner version. You lay down on your side and prop yourself up on just your forearm and one foot — it’s called ‘the plank.’ Forget it, I just kept falling over. Weak weak weak.

I guess that means I should keep trying to do them until I start looking a little bit less like an old donkey.


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  1. Thanks. Now I’m all self conscious about my neck-spacing.


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