Wine is here. Wine is good.

Sometimes I just need a glass of wine, or two.

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  1. Ice tea is better for you.
    I think the wine is affecting your ability to pick out good music. Justin Timberlake? Please turn it off, and throw the CD out the window.


  2. I’m like that, but with Coke. However, I’ve curtailed my skyrocketing-out-of-control soda intake to just half a glass per day (except Sundays). I suppose I should be feeling better about myself now, and my body should be thanking me by quickly shedding unwanted pounds. Nothing. Why do I bother?


  3. Are you in NYC now? If so would love for you and Damon to come see Geek Love while we’re up here for the Fringe. I don’t have much access to the net while travelling but if you can we’re performing over on lafayette, across from the public. All the info is at
    Hope you can make it. (and a few glasses of wine wouldn’t hurt your enjoyment of the show any, but no heavy hallucinogens)


  4. I appreciate the intervention.
    I hesitated in admitting that I was listening to Justin Timberlake, but ultimately wanted to be honest.
    So I come clean… I like Justin Timberlake. Although if it helps, I think I can only name two of his songs.
    And I also admit that I’m the only person to live in Georgia for seven years and still not like iced tea. But I will argue that red wine can match up with iced tea in health benefits, assuming moderate consumption of both.


  5. I hope you had a fantastic showing, it sounds like it’s going great.
    We’re actually not in NYC yet. We move in just about two weeks, so we will have just missed you.
    Next time!


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