So I was reading a magazine or something that was positing that boys gravitate towards playing sports because it’s the only socially acceptable way many cultures offer males for touching. The theory was basically that frequent physical contact is a fairly basic human desire and that while girls are generally allowed to be physcial, boys are not. So they seek other avenues. I would think that thought could extend to the arts world as well, since it’s a physically permissive community — not to mention that actors touch people as part of their jobs.

I’ll have to ask Damon what he thinks.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’d like to know what magazine that was.


  2. Interesting theory because many gay guys will tell you that they avoided sports like the plague when they were kids.


  3. Just think of all the ass slapping they miss….


  4. In my humble experience, kids who weren’t comfortable with themselves avoided sports like the plague, sexual orientation notwithstanding.


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