Bored Bored Bored… and Itchy

I don’t ever like to look the gift horse of a day off in the mouth… but I had foot surgery yesterday and now I’m planted on the couch. “Toes above your nose” my doctor says, for three days.

The surgery itself wasn’t that bad, the anticipation was much worse. I wasn’t awake, of course, so I guess it’s possible it was awful and I just don’t know it. I got to go home same day, and of course I was asking to be sprung as soon as I peeled my eyes open. Poor Damon sat around the hospital for hours and hours.

So now I’m home and my foot is swathed in a million yards of bandage. It hurts, but not really that much. I can’t really walk much, but I’m not supposed to anyway. The incision itches, which I guess means it’s healing. I don’t know how many stitches I have, but I guess I’ll see when the unwrap me. I’m not allowed to unwrap any bandaging for one week. But I’m dying to peek. I can’t swear I won’t crack. Damon is adamant that I keep my hands off…

The weirdest side effect is that my nose is itchy. I think something about the oxygen thingy did that.

Damon has been the best boyfriend possible. He’s making sure I’m getting anything I want to eat and watch, and he brought me flowers to keep me company while he’s at work today. The hospital made him promise to stay with me for 24 hours, but I don’t really see the point in him watching me watch tv and sleep all day.

I’ve been watching old videos in an attempt to catalogue or pitch before we move. I found an unlabeled tape with the first 24-Hour Plays on it. Let me tell you, seeing electrickrocket and steakums (I don’t know how to do those hyperlinks) dressed as a Nordic soldier in his underpants and a clown, respsectively, did brighten up the morning. It would seem at first blush that the underpants role required more bravery, but steakums had to sing.

Then I watched “Straight Talk” from the On Demand menu. I discovered recently that I just love Dolly Parton. The movie was pretty awful, but since I love her I felt like I wanted to watch. Now I’m watching an old Bill Maher HBO special. Next up, who knows? It’s only 3:30.

I suppose I’ll save some for later, since I think I’m going to have plenty more quality time with the laptop.


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  1. What’s wrong with your foot?


  2. Hey! Get that video over the Tony Award committee. Maybe Ryan and I can be write-in nominees!
    Worst 24 hour play ever.
    What up with your foot? Hope you’re feeling better!


  3. But isn’t being the most of anything kind of cool? Even if it was the most bad?
    Here’s the ridiculous truth about my foot: I smacked the top of my foot on the bedframe doing a Superman dive into bed. It created a split in the casing around the joint where my big toe meets my foot. So they went in actually removed a bit of the casing, with the idea it will heal over whole.
    Sometimes you just have to do the Superman dive. I can’t be the only one.


  4. As is often the case in these instances the mistake was made not in doing the superman dive, but months earlier when you chose to buy the Kryptonite linen set from Laura Ashley. Live and learn.
    Feel better. Let me know what’s happening with your move to NYC. We’ll be up there in August…


  5. Whatever I was going to say…
    pales in comparison to Baldshug’s Kryptonite Laura Ashley sheet set comment.
    Glad you’re going to be okay. *So glad* you and Damon met and are together.
    Dolly Parton *is* cool, isn’t she?


  6. How much do you want to bet I do another Superman dive within a month of getting all this packaging off my foot?
    Josie… thank you 🙂 I am grateful that Damon and finally got in enough quality time to realize what is there. Now if we could just get Dolly Parton to come live with us…
    Mike… we’re official residents of NYC as of August 1!


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