I can’t remember the last time I was in here posting, which probably means it’s been a good, long while.

I was thinking this morning about how many of the small details of my daily life have been shelved in the whirlwind of work and of getting ready to move. I assume once I’m working in only one city that I’ll be able to fold them all back in.

Carla (the boss of my boss) told me that people who travel a lot for work recommend that you keep your routine as static as possible. Stay at the same hotel, go in to the office at the same time, eat the same breakfast… A few months ago I would have said that’s the most boring way of doing things that I can imagine. But now I think I’ll adopt it for these last few weeks. I think it will help with the sense of disorientation. It’s not terrible, it’s not like I’m suffering. But when I pick a new hotel to try each week, it leaves me wandering the streets at 8pm, wondering where I can get a good dinner. It would be nice to just know that stuff. I will miss all the expense report dinners. I order shrimp cocktail every chance I get. I guess the West Side of Cincinnati will never fully leave me. Which is good.

My Dad tells me he’s moving back to Cincinnati, back to the street he lived on as a child. I completely understand that desire, although I wish he could frame it as “I want to live there” rather than “I want to die there.” He also offered me money to help buy the apartment in New York. I was so touched, and relieved. I don’t think I’ll take it, but it’s always nice to hear that reminder that your Dad has your back. I felt simultaneously loved, and like a loser. The latter for having a hard time buying a home at 33. Which I know isn’t that unusual, much less in New York City. But I find I do best when I keep my standards for myself really high. I think I’m inclined to laziness, so if I’m not hard on myself I’m afraid I’ll become one with the couch forever.

The apartment search has been frustrating, but not unmanageably so. Of course, I say that before I’ve actually locked down the purchase. New York has its own way of doing everything, including selling real estate. But I’ve got about four real estate brokers and two mortgage brokers on the case now, so progress is speeding up. I’m thinking about staying through the weekend next week. Damon could come up Friday night and we could go to open houses all weekend.

Anyone have an apartment to sell me in NYC?


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  1. Have you thought about Jersey City or Hoboken? My friends Rick and Brad have a great loft in Jersey City and the path takes them right into the city for work and play…. I’m happy to put you in touch with Rick. He’s my former boss and now and forever mentor. I bet he’d love to get to know you and Damon.


  2. Just because we’re buying in Inwood doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to meet Rick. You should come to New York and introduce us in person!


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