You’re Fired!

Me and Donald Trump…

I fired the mortgage broker and the lawyer today. A little more research showed me that each was charging me more than their perfectly capable competitors. It shouldn’t surprise me, since one referred me to the other. The lawyer wanted $1500, and the mortgage broker wanted $400 just to put the application in, covering no other fees. Ack! So… new guys have been hired and my real estate broker assures me I made the switch early enough that it won’t affect the process. The contract is supposed to go out tomorrow.

I’m thrilled. I’m nervous. I’m thrilled.

My hilarious mother keeps coming up with ideas like “We should mount mirrors on the building outside your windows so that they reflect in more light.” So cute. She was in New York for two days when she was in college, and never again.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Why is it so expensive in Manhatten? Doesn’t it feel good to fire someone?


  2. c’mon j… lawyer’s baby needs a new pair of shoes!


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