Here I am sitting on my couch, surrounded by boxes. And what have I done since I got home from work yesterday??? I watched Starsky and Hutch TWICE on DVD — second time was the director commentary. Then I read, then I sat looking out the window, then went to sleep.

This morning I have spent hours reading ‘The New Our Bodies Ourselves’ (updated for the ’90s!). I had ice cream for breakfast, into which I dumped peanuts, M&M’s and peanut butter chips from Damon’s trail mix. I picked out the raisins. Now I’ve got dirty breakfast bowls and boxes.

Did I mention that Damon’s coming for a visit tomorrow? That my neighbor is coming over today to bring my new rug that his Mom accepted from the delivery guy when I wasn’t here? And I’m just hanging out in my pajamas, acting like I don’t have a thing in the world to do.

But I’m not worried about it. And I don’t believe in making myself worry about something that isn’t forcing itself on me.

And now I’m sort of hyper from the ice cream sugar rush. So I will probably get up and dance around my apartment – Sly and the Family Stone just popped up on the randomizer. Boxes will wait.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I had beer and fried onion for breakfast*.
    *shrugs* does that make you feel better and more accomplished?
    *Of course since working graveyard shift, breakfast was at 6pm.


  2. I’d love to think you really work in a graveyard, but I’ll bet you don’t.


  3. Im jealous of your breakfast!


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