So I’m in this weird position. Let’s put it this way: Party A has made it clear that no real association with me is desired. I’ve come to terms with that and am willing to oblige. We have very little in common anyway. It’s disappointing but not crushing. BUT –there’s a Party B to whom this is important, and Party B is very important to me.

And, yes, I’m being hugely vague. It’s a weird tightrope to walk when you know people who read your journal, and they know all your friends.

So Party B keeps encouraging me to try harder, which makes me angry because Party A keeps rebuffing me. But it still seems to get pinned on me when we don’t get along.

So… that’s what I’m feeling sort of crabby about today, as I was just treated as if I was literally invisible.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Ball is in party A’s court.
    I hope party B figures that out soon.


  2. Thank you! That is exactly the terminology I used about it just a few hours ago.


  3. I need names.


  4. You can’t make people love you… I say it’s Party A’s loss…


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