Many times when I open up the Live Journal, I’ll hit the random search button to see who else is out there. It seems like high school students make up the majority of LJ users. Many of them are painful reminders of what a dramatic dork I was in high school, because it seems that’s universal. I do wish I had bookmarked one sixteen-year-old kid who was so sweet and so in love with his girlfriend, it was just crushing him. I wanted to leave him a note saying, “I promise. I promise. You will be perfectly happy, at least sometimes.”

I’ve found a few people who are particularly fun or interesting, and have befriended them so I could keep up with their stories. (Hello Foderme, Willowkitty and Larrycub!)

Anyway, I found a user today who was, hands down, the most irritating I’ve seen yet. I’m guessing she’s in her early 20s. I won’t post her name, because that seems needlessly mean. But she was using dialect that seemed to be drummed up from, maybe, AbFab. She typed everything as is she was a drunk British girl. Something=somefing, etc. I practically rolled my eyes straight out of their sockets. But I’m still glad I found her, because it also made me laugh a little bit.


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