Happy New Year!

My party outfit is laid out on the bed. I’m all washed and powdered and perfumed. And now I just need my husband to NOT be stuck in Detroit.

His connection flight from Michigan to Newark was cancelled. It looks like everything will be fine and that he’ll still be home around 7:30, which is plenty of time.

This is good news and bad news. I had worked up this plan in my head where I was going to run down to the market and buy something decadent for dinner and some champagne so that I could throw a little party whenever he got back. But now he will probably be on time, which means we can get dolled up and go to Jen and Jorge’s party. Which I’m also sure will be delightful. And regardless I need to get to the market and buy a dessert to bring. My skirt for tonight is so insanely tight that I won’t be partaking of pastries, but I still need to have them.

What kind of shoes should I wear? How is it that no matter how many pairs of shoes I have, it’s not enough?

I wish all and sundry a safe and rewarding evening.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Same to you, dear.
    Tonight I’m trying out my new black beaded purse!


  2. We just returned with the wee one from a delightful dinner at Taco Mac, where we toasted the New Year with wine (me), Coke (Ryan) and milk (Roan). Once the lad goes to bed, Ryan and I will snuggle up with some videos. We might even drink some wine and, if we’re really feeling crazy, stay up past midnight.
    Happy New Year to you and your handsome hubby!


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