So, I can now resume my normal life again. I tuned into ‘Lost’ about a year after all the hype hit. So I Netflixed the first season, and then caught up with season two via bit torrent.

Let me not appear too casual here. Once I started watching season one I was completely, totally, overwhelmingly interested. I like to talk about the characters like they’re my friends. I like to call my girlfriends and talk about who on the island we most want to kiss.

So season two, episode seven was a slow download. I had eight and nine in the bag, but had to wait. And finally last night, just as I was going to bed at around 2am, episode seven was complete. So I stayed up and watched all three.

Now I’m sleepy, but it was totally worth it. And when Damon comes back we’ll watch them all again.


So much that’s on tv is stupid and worthless, but when it’s good it’s so so good.


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