New Plan

The apartment is not coming along like it should be. I spend too much time with my nose in a book and not enough with it in a box.

So from now on when I come home from work I’m going to put on a book on tape and steadily unpack for one chapter. That’s all I’m requiring of myself — one chapter. I may do more, but that’s all I have to do.

Today was day one and I acutally made a marked difference in the time it took me to listen to “6 to 8 Black Men” in the new David Sedaris book.

I’m getting a ton more reading done in general now that I take the subway every day. I’m currently reading ‘The 36-Hour Day,’ which is about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. I’m not doing that. But I did it long ago, so the book is particularly interesting to me.

And I’m Netflixing my way through the first season of ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ which is the show most likely to make me cry of pretty much any on tv. ’24’ is on hiatus while I wait for the replacement of a scrambled disc. I expect that tomorrow, and then I can polish that off.

I’ll see if I can knock it out before I head to DC for my friends’ wedding. That’s on Sunday. I head to Baltimore Saturday night so that Damon can grab me after rehearsal. I’ll spend the night at his apartment and then we’ll do the wedding together on Sunday.

But before that Zoe gets to take her first subway ride. We’re going to the vet on Saturday afternoon to see if she needs some allergy medicine. Poor thing, she’s not going to think this is funny.


5 responses to this post.

  1. “Little House on the Prairie?!” I’m amazed and know not what to say except, again, – “Litle House on the Prairie!?!”


  2. I love unpacking. I think it’s like Christmas.


  3. What’s wrong with ‘Little House on the Prairie’?
    The only thing that makes me sad is that I can only Netflix the first four seasons.


  4. Would you like to visit New York? You could unpack things you’d never seen before, and then it would be even more like Christmas.
    Except that you wouldn’t get to keep the stuff, which is kind of a drag. Maybe you could keep a little bit of it.


  5. Oh, that would be grand.
    It hardly matter if I get to keep it… most toys never get played with after Christmas anyway.


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