I’ve my neck all knotted up. I think the genesis was the horrendous little bed in Damon’s boarding house. I just cruised around and I think I found a massage and accupuncture school, so perhaps I’ll get a little cut-rate laying on of hands.

Damon got a great offer for a job today. Lead role, excellent theater with a national reputation… and it’s in DC. Since he’s working in Baltimore his name is getting around – in the wrong city! I mean, it’s a good city, but it’s not the one I would pick.

He hasn’t accepted yet, we’ll talk about it a little more first. It’s another three months away from home, and it will come up pretty quickly after Julius Ceasar. But it looks like a pretty sweet deal, so I’ll get on board if that’s the way it should go. I suspect it will be.

I’m both thrilled and hugely disappointed. But at least I have this: He told them when they made the offer that he’d be spending a full week at Christmas in Florida with his girlfriend and her family, and that that was not negotiable. They agreed to it. So that’s excellent.

On other fronts, I’m having one of those weeks where some poor soul is about to be the person who just shoves me a little bit too far. I’ve got a little collection of friends, family and coworkers who are all dumping various crises on me. The family one is totally legit, and the other ones are all marginally legit to not really reasonable at all. So my patience is spread thin right now.


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  1. *shove*
    Might as well get it over with, eh?


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