Celebrity Spotting: George Wendt
We were both walking along Bryant Square Park on 40th. Almost more fun than seeing him was the young guy about ten feet ahead of me who kept turning around with this delighted look on his face. He must have really loved Cheers.

Tomorrow Sarah and Mick get here for a weekend celebration of her 30th birthday. I’m delighted to have guests, and even more delighted that they’re my closest friends. That’s important because the apartment is still in shambles. I’ve got most of the boxes emptied, but that actually just makes it look messier.

And get this: We have nothing to say about when our heat gets turned on. Nothing. It’s steam heat for the whole building. So I just cling to the cat for warmth and count the days. I believe the target date is 10/15. There’s a date in the city past which all buildings must have their heat on. It’s to keep landlords from murdering their tenants with the cold. Most buildings have steam heat, so tenants don’t pay for it. So landlords like to withhold it as long as they can. Of course, our building still has a few renters, so I guess that sort of makes me a partial landlord. In which case it’s in my best interest to keep the heat off…

But I know it’s cold because Zoe wants to be in my lap every minute instead of just most minutes.

Saturday morning we’re going to a cat show. Just because that sounds so funny. I don’t know what they do. I’ve seen Westminster on TV, so maybe they run them around in circles just like they do the dogs. And there will be a cloned cat there. So how can we lose? Afterward we’ll go pick up a little cat I’ve agreed to foster for a few weeks. Her owner was a local music critic who died in the apartment. Poor little cat was shut up with his body for four days before anyone caught on to the problem. So if she and Zoe make a love connection I’ll likely keep her. But right now I’m just scheduled to have her for three weeks. I’m not really sure which way I want it to go. But her name is Melody, she’s 7, and she has very long, silky black hair. And she’s tiny — about six or seven pounds. They say she’s part Persian, she has that square face. I haven’t seen her yet, so this is all hearsay.


2 responses to this post.

  1. get yourself a little 20 dollar electric heater for spot heating
    I ADORED mine when I lived with someone who always wanted less heat than me


  2. That’s an excellent suggestion. I will do that.


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