Alone, Unplanned

Today I was supposed to have the day off work because I would be surrounded my favorite people. Sarah and Mick in for a visit, and Damon home for a day. Sarah thought she could change her flight, but she couldn’t. So she flew out yesterday afternoon. Mick was under the weather, so he flew out yesterday morning. I talked to Damon right before his show last night and he sounded so exhausted that I told him to stay in Baltimore and that we’d catch up next weekend.

So I cancelled my vacation day and headed on in to AOL. And now I’m sitting in my ultra-quiet apartment. It’s not bad at all really. I’ve got Zoe in my lap, I’ve had a bowl of spaghetti. And it’s feeling like an off-to-bed-early kind of night. I’ve been watching a documentary called ‘The History of Rock and Roll’ that’s outstanding. I was afraid I had made a bad choice — there are ten hours in this thing. And there’s so much I want to see. But I left it in the Netflix queue and now I’m so glad. This is beautifully done, and the interviews are A-list all the way. Off the top of my head we’ve got Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Mick Jagger, Carl Perkins, Jackson Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Quincy Jones, Little Richard…. it goes on and on and on. So far, not to many women. But I’ve learned a few things, including a new appreciation of Elvis. I’ve never felt moved by Elvis, and I always knew he was a pioneer. But this doc has really driven home to me how new a thing he was in the world. And I never realized how insanely famous other bands were. I just watched video of a near riot at an airport over The Animals. I had no idea. There was also a great interview with Brian Wilson where he talks about how they were dying of jealousy over the Beatles.

More later. For now, cake and ice cream are calling my name.


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