RPS — What does this mean? I did a random journal search and came up with this amazing journal. A woman who, as far as I can tell, works in an animal hospital. And she might own a goat. But mostly she writes gay porn stories about Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood. I’m sure other very pretty men figure in as well, but those are the names I caught on her most recent journal page. I think one of her stories actually had Johnny Depp having sex with his character Jack Swallow. There was definitely a pirate/hobbit kind of thing going on in her stuff. While I can’t say it turned me on, I was definitely transfixed for a while. Once I found porn about the Harry Potter characters — Harry having sex with Draco. That blew my mind.

Now I’m back to paying attention to I, Claudius. My Dad and I watched it together when I was a little kid, and he read me the books by Robert Graves. He even brought home little reproductions of coins minted during the reigns of all the Caesars. That Livia was bad bad news.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Can you use it in a sentence?


  2. It was used more as a title. She didn’t use it in a sentence, so I can’t either.


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