Adios Damon

Damon rode off into the sunset today. Or rode south in the early afternoon, really. I was sad to see him go. And to make it even better I walked him out to his car and carried back a bunch of miscellany, pretty much in my pajamas at the time. And I was locked out of the building. So I had to appeal to neighbors I hardly know while sporting stripey flannel pants and crazy lady hair.

Now I’m camped out on the couch watching season one of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. There’s so much brilliant about this show that I had forgotten, I’m having a ball. How many women do I know who say ‘I AM Mary.’ I know I’ve done it a million times. 30 and single??? The horror! And I’d kill for her clothes.

I’m hoping to spend the rest of the weekend low profile. Since Damon was leaving today I gave him the kind of week he wanted — out every night. We had lots of fun for sure. We saw Oceans 12 last night. We saw a free performance by Duran Duran on Thursday (my junior high self was over the moon). It starts to get a little fuzzy before that, but I know we were out.

I can’t believe that in just one week I leave for Florida to see my Mom for Christmas. It makes Damon’s departure easier, since I’ll see him there. Then I’ll go to DC for New Year’s Eve. My Dad is coming the weekend of January 10th and then I get another weekend free. After that I head down to DC again to see Damon’s show and celebrate his birthday. The time he’s gone will fly by. Once all the traveling is over it will be less than one month until he’s home. Suddenly I’m exhausted. At least Christmas shopping isn’t so brutal this year. I didn’t do any of it pre-layoffs, just in case. And I’ve set expectations across the board that this is going to be a lean year. Even if it weren’t for the expenses of life in NYC I think I’d like to keep it smaller anyway. There’s so much pressure, it just sucks a lot of the fun out of things. I don’t mind getting fewer gifts if it means we can all relax. Looks like that’s the way it’s going, so I think that will be a win for everyone. So at some point this weekend I’m going to jump online and order up what I need and call it a holiday.


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  1. Look, if you just want to get me the Cooper MINI without the CD Player, I will understand. We’re all a bit leaner these days. I will not think any less of you.


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