I am about to take my first vacation (excepting one day for Sarah’s graduation) since I began working at AOL a year and a half ago. I’m leaving in the morning for Florida to see my Mom’s new house, celebrate Christmas, meet up with Damon and otherwise not work. I haven’t seen my Mom in a year, which raises HUGE issues for me. We’re so close, and that’s just not accetable. I can’t even contemplate it, because when I do I just get upset. So I’ll just make sure next year is better, even if I have to twist her arm right off to come to New York.

And before that fun happens, this fun will happen: My old roommate Andrew should be here any minute. He’s spending the night with me here before heading south to see his family and visit Atlanta for Christmas. He’s been living in Germany for almost two years, so it’s been forever since I’ve seen him. Considering that we’re such good friends, this is a real shame. I can’t wait for him to get here. I’m sure he’ll be jet lagged and exhausted but I know we’ll have a wonderful conversation anyway.

My big question is whether I should order some Chinese food so it’s here when he arrives. But I have no idea what he’ll be up for when I see him, and no solid idea when he’s getting here. His plane was supposed to land at Kennedy at 9:10, but could easily be late. So… who knows? The Chinese restaurant delivers until 1:30am, so I’ll just hold tight for now.


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  1. Is it still a vacation when you’re spending it with your folks?
    We’re in the same boat. Or at least docked at the same port.
    I haven’t taken 1 day off work since last christmas. I have my time off solely for this christmas. Both christmas’s being spent half way across the country with my parents.
    However I do consider it a holiday _only_ because I spend 2/3 of my time seeing old friends and staying with them. As much as I love my parents, I don’t consider doing odd jobs for them and watching cable tv much of a holiday.


  2. I would love to be on a boat right now.
    How much time off do you get each year, and how long does it take you to reach your parents?
    I have been known to have a bad attitude when visiting my Mom, who can be a little overwhelming. But I’m putting it down in virtual ink right here — I am going to be on my best behavior.
    But you’re right, visiting family is not quite the traditional vacation. I’m hoping the Florida setting will pull it a little bit in that direction… palm trees, you know.


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