I believe this is the first time I’ve ever had the flu. It’s unbelievably bad. I got sick on Friday, and this morning is the first sign that it will be lifting soon. I think this story from Friday or Saturday (I don’t remember which) says it all:
I felt I should have some food on hand, so I ordered some from the local Chinese retaurant. I set it on the coffee table thinking I could pick at it, but I couldn’t work up the will to eat any of it. I also found I couldn’t work up the will to get up and feed Zoe. So I finally tore open the container of shrimp and rice and laid it on the floor for Zoe to eat. She is utterly confused by how the last few days have gone.

It’s funny how the workings of the body change. I would not have thought it possible to sleep as much as I have or to eat as little. I’ve spent since Friday night taking bites out of a little Chinese container of white rice and I still haven’t finished it. Normally the thought of going five hours without food would distress me. Now, days an days of no interest. Of course, I’m not requiring my body to do anything but the short circuit between bed, bath and couch. Still, I must be burning resources from somewhere. I carried a fever ranging from 100 to 104 through yesterday. I haven’t taken my temperature today, but it feels lower.

So I think two paragraphs on illness is probably plenty.

Damon called me excited last night because Michael Khan, Molly Smith and Ken Ludwig were all in the audience for his show last night. He said he got a very warm reception from one and all. And it seems that a reviewer from Variety was there as well. All that said, he says they’re not expecting good reviews. I’m not sure what to think, other than they’re probably doing as good a job as can be done with what I think is weak material. I’m looking forward to going down next month to see for myself.


2 responses to this post.

  1. See..that’s what those NY winters will do to you! Come back to happy, healthy Atlanta!
    Feel better. 🙂


  2. Don’t listen to her – I’ve been that sick every winter of my life in both NYC and Atlanta. If you’re gonna get the flu and not be able to eat, should at least be not eating some decent Shrimp fried rice that gets delviered to your door. Hard to find that down here…


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