Wide Sargasso Sea

I picked this movie up at the library on the strength of the title. It just sounds like a movie I would like. And it’s turning out that it’s okay, but not great. But am I the only person who didn’t know that this is the writer’s imagining of Edward Rochester and his first wife in Jamaica? These, for those who don’t read dusty old books, are characters from Jane Eyre. I’m watching and first I think “Oh, that’s funny. That guy’s name is Rochester and he’s in Jamaica. Just like Mr. Rochester.” And then we meet Antionette, who is called Bertha in the book. So that threw me off the trail. (A quick investigation reveals that in the book the character’s full name is Bertha Antionette, which I had forgotten). Then Antionette’s mother goes crazy. And I was back to thinking this couldn’t be coincidence — could it? But a few more plot points fell into place and I was sure. So it was sort of fun to watch that unfold. Jane Eyre is one of my all-time favorite books. But because of that I’m a ambivalent about someone fooling with the charcaters. I think the writer could make a reasonable argument that this character is the man who develops into Mr. Rochester, but it doesn’t really fit my conception of him.

Is there anything I could write now that would make me seem even dorkier? Is it possible?

I had a rough rough week. I’ve been given some pretty big new responsibilities at work and a much higher profile. Which is great, and hugely stressful. It also means that I’m back to shuttling back and forth between NY and DC, which I loathe. So I came back from DC and went straight into a round of dog sitting. Ella is a sweet sweet dog. But she’s like 100 pounds and she just drags me around. Plus she’s kind of smelly. Which isn’t her fault. I do love dogs, but I really like them better when they’re more manageable — smaller, calmer. I can’t imagine having one, they’re so freaking needy. I’d definitely need a yard. Or at least one small enough to use those pee pads. But they do have a lot of charm.

Deanna, Ella’s mom, does have the greatest of apartments. When I was in junior high I imagined the most perfect apartment in the world. It was going to be in Paris. But this apartment in Chelsea was closer in layout and appearance than any place I’ve ever seen. So that was kind of a thrill. I wish I had been in more of a mind to enjoy it.


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