Google Ego

Inspired by electricrocket, I decided to see what Google has to say about me these days. I get about two pages of results, all but one of them are about the real me. As far as I know, there aren’t any other Jillian St. Charleses out there.

It’s a smattering of restaurant, book and concert reviews, some going as far back as college. And oh man are some of them bad. There’s also a new one, which is a letter I wrote to the city of Schenectady in support of a law banning backyard animal slaughter. Some council member entered it into the record when the law was up for debate. So that’s nice to know that when someone writes a letter like that it might actually get read.

I read an article once that suggested that you can get an idea of what your first name means to people by doing a Google image search. Just your first name. Believe me, the Tiffanys come out a lot different than the Gladyses. I searched for my first name and found a nude someone painted of me. Apparently it won an award!

Damon’s showcase opens tonight. He called from backstage and told me the zillion ways he could have done better. So it’s probably going great. I’ve got some flowers waiting for him when he gets home. Although if it’s not soon they will have to greet him for me, as I’m very sleepy.

Oh my gosh, Lloyd Bridges is on Battlestar Galactica… gotta go!


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