MS Cured!

Or at least that would be nice to hear today since I just finished the MS walk. Clearly, God wants MS cured because today was unbeatable in its gorgeous, cool sunniness. The sun was always present, but never overbearing. I walked with my friends Kari and James, who are excellent strolling companions. And strolling is all you can do when there are a zillion people on the route at the same time. But we did thin out after a bit. There were three courses of varying lengths, but rather that commit only to one we did the shortest one first (2.5 miles) and then cherry picked the two longer routes for the places we thought we’d like to hit. The high point of this was that we ended by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and totally abandoning any route to walk around Brooklyn Heights. The organizers wouldn’t care, they already had our money. Once we were over the river John came and met us and we grabbed lunch at a weird little barbecue restaraunt before grabbing trains back to our respective homes.

The whole weekend has been fun and productive. Yesterday Kari and I went to see the closing of Damon’s showcase. Prince Humperdink was indeed there. He asked to meet the cast and went back to tell them that showcases are usually awful and that they had defied his expectation and been very good. He runs a theater company in town and asked for their head shots, so it’s exciting to know that he knows Damon exists. Because if you use the safe sex model of you’ve had sex with the partners of your partners then that means he knows I exist too.

The show was packed with a responsive audience and we went to some poshy restaurant for a post-show dinner/drink. We sat down at the end of the table with Nick, the guy in the cast who’s English. I absolutely love him. He just moved to the states because his wife is American, and they have a 7-week old daughter. He used to work regularly with the Royal Shakespeare Company but now he’s basically starting from scratch. He’s a terrific actor, so I hope he doesn’t have too much trouble. His accent is charming, as is he, and I hope we become friends. We may have a good chance, as the show got funding to go for another month if they can get the time booked at the HERE Art Center.

Damon got home just a few minutes ago and he’s already asked me twice what’s for dinner. I guess I’ll get on that.

More later.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am curious why you walk..I walk for my mother


  2. I walk for my best friend, who was diagnosed about six years ago.


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