An Ode to Ambien

Two weeks to go to the wedding. Two weeks to go until our portal launch at work.

That is at least one major even too many in the next two weeks. It looks like I’m on track with both, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t sill tons to do on both fronts.

Now I pride myself on displaying grace under pressure and I’m exceptional, if I do say so myself, in an emergency. But there’s just too much time for me to sail through this. As a result I was caught in the thinking thinking thinking = no sleep equation. I would collapse happily into bed around 11 and drift right off only to pop wide awake at 2 or 3 in the morning thinking ‘I wanted to put the ‘Dinner Tonight’ module on the Kathy Peel pages!’ or ‘I still need to confirm with the florist!’ And that would be it for the night. I’d get up and get comfortable in front of my computer and next thing I knew it would be time to go to work.

So after about a week of this I would estimate my intelligence had dropped about 25% and my disposition was suffering as well.

And then a friend who happens to be a doctor stepped in and changed everything with a wave of his prescription pad.

Now I have a nice little stash of Ambien, and sleep will come either naturally or in pill form. But there will be no more wide-awake nights before launch and wedding.

This stuff is magic. I’m alseep within ten minutes of taking it. There’s no hazy, druggy feeling, there’s no hangover in the morning. And the extra-cool bonus is vivid and varied dreams. I think now I know how it feels to be a sleeping cat.

I can totally see how these can be habit-forming, as literature warns. I think I’ll be able to avoid becoming a sleep-aid junkie. But then again I’ve just written a whole journal entry about it.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Two weeks? holy cow. Arent you the busy bee?
    two weeks was right about the time that i yelled at my caterer and she quit. My hubby to be and i catered it ourselves. Good thing that we are fantastic cooks.


  2. This is exactly the kind of thing I love to hear about!
    Why did you yell at the caterer?
    What did you make instead?
    I love to cook and we thought hard about doing it ourselves. But since we’re traveling up into the mountains it just became a little too overwhelming to cook dinner for 45 in a place I’ve never been.


  3. Didn’t you learn anything from “Valley of the Dolls?”


  4. I used to wake up worrying in the middle of the night. Now that I have Roan, I crash so hard that wild horses couldn’t wake me.


  5. I love the image that conjurs up — wild horses trying to wake you up. I like to picture them running around your bed, making a big racket, maybe nudging you with their noses.
    My friend Kellee said wild horses couldn’t keep her from the wedding. That was another great image. A bunch of horses lined up between her and the cabin. I can just see her darting forward, trying to get past them.


  6. have been having trouble posting long posts. will shorten
    i yelled at the caterer because she kept calling after i told her i was with a customer. I told her to call b instead and she never did, nor did she return any of his calls.
    some of our party was vegan, but i am a meat lover just to clarify
    vegan friendly marinara, pesto, broccoli
    not so vegan friendly meatballs, pesto with cheesee and alfredo
    three assortments of pasta to go with. Very easy, renteda couple of people to reheat everything and serve it. yummy appetizers. Highly recommend chicken bacon rollups. keg of sam adams, 30 bottles of wine that b’s stepmom made for the occassion with little pictures on them. White of me as a baby, red of b as a baby. I highly recommend a nice stash of wine for wedding planning. I stayed sober the whole honeymoon becausei stayed so not soberthe week of the wedding


  7. was very proud of the way it all turned out


  8. How inspiring! It sounds like it went great. It looks like our caterer is going to stick with us, but we’re having a big pasta dinner too.


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