Stretching Sunday

I’m trying to make this afternoon last and last.

Brian, Tracey and the girls have been in New York for the past few days. We had dinner with them on Thursday at Ruby Foo. My first sight of Brittany walking down the street to meet us was breathtaking. I haven’t seen her in over a year. She’s hit about 5’8″ and she’s reedy and so pretty. Her limbs are long but they’ve lost their gangly quality. She’s clearly fashion forward. I wanted to pick the lock on her brain and find out what’s really going on in there, but there was no time. Jillian has also started to bloom into young lady status. But there’s still more little girl there. Her braces are pink and green and she loves clothes with rabbits and monkeys on them. But her body is changing, and, startlingly, she was able to rap along with every song blaring in the MTV store. It’s such a strange time. She raps. And yet we went across the street and she was desperate to ride on the Toys R Us ferris wheel. Her favorite was the My Pretty Pony basket.

Meals were had, shopping was done. I got to see them for two days. The girls were definitely warming up to me and I only wish that we’d had days and days to become comfortable pals. I was determined not to do that annoying adult thing: Tell me about school! Tell me about your friends!

Now I’m having a break. I’m watching The Lion in Winter and trying to make time stretch out so that I don’t need to get in the kitchen and start working on our contribution to our building’s annual cookout, which is happening tonight. It’s going to be deviled eggs, which never fail.

Monday night John is coming over after work. We’re going to attempt a meal that requires us to use all our new kitchen wedding gifts. The shake maker and the rice maker are the big ones, and they’re pretty easy. It’s really just about narrowing down the options. We’ll whip up a great dinner and then Andrew should get here at about 10:30. So I’ll commit as much time to them as I can, and then go to bed and let them continue. I won’t stay up too late, as the next day I’m off to work and then off to LA for our demo shoot this week.

My scripts for the shoot… not so ready. Lots of work I need to do… not so ready. I’m feeling stressed and unhappy about work and about money. I’m sure there’s a lot for me to say about that, and it would probably make me feel better. But I’m just not up to it right now. Maybe later.


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