I Defy Time Zones

I’m stretched out on my couch. I need to be working. I have lots of work to do. But I’m tired, and feeling entitled. I may actually take a quick nap after this.

We did our demo shoot in LA this week. Pressed for time, we set ourselves up with a bizarre schedule. Tuesday I worked in the NY office until late afternoon and then Jennie, Mary and I took off for Newark airport. We flew into LAX, arriving midnight our time. I was disoriented and asked why the candy store in the concourse was open at midnight. Which, of course, it wasn’t.

We cabbed over to our hotels. I’d opted for one near the one they chose, but that would give me Starwood points. I’m trying to be diligent about that. I collapsed into the bed and slept until 9am eastern. I laid in bed for about an hour reading. I should have logged on, but, again, I feel like when traveling to work you have to give yourself little breaks. After I finished my book I got dressed and walked over to meet Jennie and Mary.

A driver picked us up and we headed over to the studio in Culver City, met our actress and raided the craft services table. I conducted additional mini raids on the table throughout the rest of the day.

The actress — Marcie — was lovely and did a great job. She and I chatted at length at one point, both about marriage and about making a living as an actor. She’s very talented, and was absolutely gorgeous, so I’m sure she’s doing just fine.

Our blue screen shoot lasted for a few hours and then we packed up and went on location. We were using one of the guy’s houses, as his family is out of town. His house was gorgeous, and one of the few things I saw that made LA living seem bearable. The house had lots of tropical landscaping, tons of sunlight and comfy furniture. And best of all, there was a small backyard with a little kidney-shaped pool and hot tob. Actually, best of all was the schipperke Roxie, who ran around with a rag doll and barked and barked through her doll, which she wouldn’t put down. Roxie and I became good friends.

We did lots of shooting here, with PAs running for coffess and lunch and goodies. I love that.

Once we wrapped, Jennie and I left them to break it down and hopped into a cab for El Segundo. We had dinner with another colleague and a representative from eHarmony, who we may do a deal with. The restaurant was called Mitchell’s, I think, and it was so good that I’ve been carrying my leftovers all the way across the country. I couldn’t finish there after my lack of self control with crafts services. But I couldn’t leave it behind. Dinner was really fun, lively, nice people. We had an energetic debate about living in LA vs. NY.

I will admit that LA has it all over NY on weather. A production manager had called me the night before the shoot just to tell me to wear something cool because it will be so hot. But, really, it wasn’t anything compared to Manhattan. And it does get hot there, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t smell like fish and urine anywhere.

So after our fun dinner the eHarmony guy loaded us up with books and put me and Jennie in a cab. We shot over to LAX and grabbed the 10pm (1am eastern) red eye back to Newark. The flight was super rough and I actually checked to see if my airsick bag was in the seatback, just in case. I overcame. Others were not so lucky. After many hours of being rattled like we were in a maraca, we landed safely in Newark and were met by cars who whisked us to our homes. I tumbled in, dropped the bags where I stood and stripped off all my clothes as I walked into the bedroom, and fell down on top of Damon and went to sleep — blissed out to be prone.

Which brings me up to right now. I woke up around 10am and have been on the couch watching Independence Day and doing minimal work. My eyes are burning, which tells me I need a little more sleep. But it’s so lovely to be here in the quiet apartment, Damon on the other couch.

Tomorrow Jesse Greenspan comes with her friend to stay with us so they can go to the Brian Wilson concert at Jones Beach. I’m delighted to look after them, but also delighted that just for today it’s only me and Damon.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Completely unrelated to your post, except the watching a movie part…
    So, I’ve put the Seven Up/7 after 7 series discs on my Netflix list, based on a) you having rented them and b) they seem darn fascinating. Are they as cool as they seem they would be?


  2. I found them utterly fascinating. They follow kids from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds and I followed each seven-year update flipping back and forth between dread and real affection.
    I won’t say too much now, but am eager to hear what you think once you start watching.


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