Friday Night at Work

At the very least, I ran out of the office saying on my IM “I’m going to grab dinner, back in half an hour.” But the reality was that I went home, as the rest of the people still working are in Virginia. I didn’t see any reason to stick at the office past 8:30 or so.

Now I’m on my couch making unsupervised editorial decisions with a big glass of wine in my hand. But I seem to be doing okay. Of course, I suppose every slightly drunk person thinks she’s doing just a-ok.

I don’t so much mind working late tonight. I’ve got the weekend stretching out ahead of me and a very likely trip to Atlanta on Monday.

We’re going down to shoot a new Coach, so we booked a studio at Turner South for the day. it’s going to be such a nice day. My new pages will have launched (That’s what I’m doing tonight) and will be doing their job.

I will hop an early flight on Monday so that I’m in Atlanta in time to have sushi with my pals and then crash out at my hotel before a shoot that I anticipate being a pleasure. One of my CNN colleagues is our new Coaches’ publicist, which is how we struck the deal in the first place. So she’ll be there and we can catch up. She was my champion when I was an intern at CNN and hoping to get hired above the entry level. So I am delighted to get to throw something good her way via her client.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Okay, “Coaches” and “Champions”? – you definitely need to help me out on my last post. I need the lingo…


  2. Your post absolutely killed me. If I hadn’t been so busy project managing our latest launch I would have had a great reply at the time. Because you are most certainly talking about my life. The blessing and the curse is that I didn’t actually get any official training, so I’ve been driving my projects forward on the strength of threats, relentless begging and pizza.


  3. That’s chapter 7 – “Beat’em, plead’em, feed’em, and bleed’em – Enhanced Productivity through the St. Charles method”
    By the way, I got a perfect score on the multiple choice for my certification but I think I woefully failed the written. My quality tolerance threshold was low, but their timr e tolerance level was lower. Couldn’t finish in 3 hours and I;m not sure how anyone could. Avoid the training just continue to be a smart person. The pizza helps too.


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