Lap Cat

I’m trying to make this entry while Zoe determinedly tries to cover as much of me and the keyboard as she can. For such a little cat, she really can cover some territory.

Tomorrow I’ll go in to the office until about 1 and then I’ll head to LaGuardia and fly down to Atlanta for Tuesday’s shoot. I did lots of complaining and finagling to get this shoot scheduled before our vacation. I would have been so disappointed to find out the crew wound up going there without me. So now I get to have a big sushi dinner with the old gang. I think there will be 12 or 14 of us and I can’t wait to drink a Kamikaze (cold sake with lime juice and a shot of tabasco) and listen to my friends talk. I only wish Damon could be there, he’d love it too.

After dinner Sarah will come back to the hotel and we’ll have a sleep over. In the morning I’ll go to my shoot and she’ll head to the airport.

It all sounds pretty perfect.

Damon’s Ellis Island gig is finally winding down. This weekend was his first off. Saturday was saved for house stuff. The big triumph of the day was that he finished stripping my enormous closet door and got it re-hung. I got a reminder that I’m not so good with the home improvement stuff. I’d spent about an hour per glass door knob trying to get the old paint and gunk off of them. I made some progress, but they certainly didn’t look that much better. The thing is I did it one afternoon while Damon was at work. So yesterday he came and scooped them up and about 15 minutes later he said “I polished up the doorknobs.” I went and looked, and they were all sparkly and new. I have no idea what he did to them. I just said: They look really nice.

What else could I say? I just don’t have the skills.

Today was for fun. We had brunch with Charles and James. I asked for walnuts in my pancakes and this was definitely the right thing to do. Nuts in pancake filling needs more exploring. Then we went to the Natural History Museum and checked out the dinosaurs. After an hour or so I started to feel really sorry for all those old bones and spent some time gazing out over Central Park to regain my equilibrium. After, we went for a walk in Central Park. I think we were close to the zoo. At least it smelled like it.

Next on the agenda was a trip to Target to spend our wedding gift cards. I picked up a few wardrobe staples. Getting dressed would be much easier if I weren’t so freaking short. The pants all need to go be altered before I can wear them. I also picked up an ingenious little hand bag. When you open it, a tiny light comes in inside so that you’re not rummaging around helplessly. What a great idea! I also picked up one of those U-shaped travel pillows. Just like the ones you stick around a baby’s neck, just bigger. Damon has made fun of me on and off for the rest of the night, but I predict he will be begging me for a turn about 4 hours into our bazillion-hour flight to Hawaii.

Now we’re at home and enacting that sacred Sunday night ritual — Chinese delivery and movies. Tonight’s selection is lobster fried rice and ‘The Hustler.’

Soon I will need to go pack, which I usually like to put off until the last possible second. That way I’m sure to wind up on the phone with the front desk begging them to send housekeeping up with a toothbrush.


2 responses to this post.

  1. haha. i would invite you to dinner while you are in atlanta, but I am in san francisco. 🙂


  2. Such a tiny world! When I left Atlanta I put my best friend on a plane to San Francisco.
    Maybe I can have YOU to dinner if you ever make it to NYC.


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