Heading Out

I think some time around early evening I will get that feeling that I’m passing the point of inevitability, the point where we’re leaving for our trip and nothing else is going to happen before that does. I do have to work tomorrow, but good luck getting me to take that seriously. It’s what I imagine it must feel like when the safety bar drops down in front of you on a roller coaster. I won’t ride them, so I can’t be sure, but that’s my guess. This trip is a happy inevitability, which is the best kind.

Tuesday morning the car that I haven’t ordered yet will pick us up at around 5:30am and take us to LaGaurdia. From there we’ll fly to Atlanta and meet my father. Then we jump on a flight together and the long haul to Honolulu starts (with me in the middle seat). I will be passing out Ambien for this portion of the trip. But I won’t take mine until I suss out the in-flight food and entertainment options. I don’t want to miss anything good. I have to remember to pack cards. Damon just taught me how to play blackjack and I taught him to play gin. So that will pass some time.

Once we land in Honolulu we’ll pick up an Aloha flight to Lihue. And that is where we will stay and from where my husband and father will likely have to drag me kicking and screaming nine days later.

There are lots of things tentatively on the agenda, some more sure to happen then others:
— helicopter tour
— sailing
— zodiac raft tour
— hiking
— eating at some poshy posh famous resort that I can’t remember the name of
— deep sea fishing (I can promise I will not be joining)
— sugar cane plantation tour via inner tubes in the irrigation system
— parasailing
— much fruity drink drinking and eating of pineapple pool and oceanside.

Anyone who’s been and has a recommendation, I’m all ears.

We may or may not leave Kauai. I know there are amazing things on other islands. But we picked Kauai because it is as remote as we can go. And I’m sure it’s amazing enough for one trip without hopping from island to island. That said, if Damon or Dad gets it into his head that he just has to, then I’ll be a good sport.

I just want to be far far far away.

Damon’s at a call back right now for a show we saw and liked in Atlanta. Finters crossed that he’s having a good time. I expect him back in about an hour. I wonder if I can sneak in a nap….


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  1. Have a great time! Send postcards!


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